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ACC Concrete Plus

About ACC Concrete+

Concrete+ is the latest offering from ACC, India’s leading manufacturer of cement and ready mix concrete. ACC’s operations are spread throughout the country with 16 modern cement factories, more than 50 Ready mix concrete plants and 21 sales offices. ACC’s brand name is synonymous with cement and enjoys high level of equity in the Indian market. It is one of the few cement companies that figures in the list of Consumer Super Brands of India.

The only cement company in India to have an in-house research and development centre, ACC has been a pioneer and trendsetter in cement and concrete technology.


Concrete+ Specifications

Faster, Stronger, Forever is our promise and Concrete+ delivers. The product is designed to achieve required strength and better workability for a better and cohesive concrete.

This high performance product ensures high 1 day strength, ideal initial setting time and strength gain over a period of time thus making it the best choice for all concreting structures, thereby meeting the needs of architects and engineers. Concrete+ is the right cement suiting the requirements of any modern construction.

Concrete+ is created to especially suit the requirements of an Individual House Builder Segment.

Concrete+ comes in an attractive and tamper-proof packaging.


Benefits of Concrete+

  • Faster removal of formwork, allowed by high early strength of concrete.
  • Speeds up rate of construction due to its faster initial setting time thus early curing as well.
  • Consistent cement quality to produce good quality concrete.
  • Concrete+ improves long term durability for the construction as the low alkali content in the cement lowers the risk of destructive alkali-silica reaction in cement.
  • Flyash being one of the cementitious materials in cement, reduces the amount of non-durable calcium (lime). In the process, non-durable calcium (lime) is converted into calcium silicate hydrate (CSH), which is the strongest and most durable component of the concrete. Flyash also makes substantial contribution to workability and chemical resistance.
  • Concrete+ is supported by its well-graded particle size, which effectively fills the voids. The particles are hard and round, having a “ball bearing” effect that allows concrete to be produced with less water. This enhances workability and durability of concrete.


Concrete+ is available in 50kg, specially packed attractive tamperproof bags, in order to reduce pilferage and thus reduce dust pollution.


The shelf life of Concrete+ depends on the storage conditions. Contact with air, water or moisture will cause deterioration of the cement performance. The cement is best to be used within 3 months from the date of manufacture. If deterioration is suspected, testing prior to usage is recommended. The product must be used on a first-in first-out basis.

Health and Safety

Cement is classified as an irritant and direct contact with the skin should be avoided. It is recommended to use personal protection equipment including eyes, hand and skin protection and dust masks. First aid treatment should involve the immediate bathing of the affecting area with water.

Technical Services

Our technical services are designed to help our partners (IHB’s, Builders, Engineers, etc.)

At the design and planning phase, this website assists the individual house builder right from planning till the completion of the project, identifying suitable service provider and giving the approximate cost estimates.

At the construction phase, our customer support representatives offer following services on demand.

  • Ensures better and consistent product to your doorstep throughout the year.
  • ACC help van services provide all basic construction material testing on field e.g. Silt test.
  • Fresh concrete tests are conducted to know the workability and homogeneity on the concrete mix.
  • Hardened concrete tests to check the compressive strength by casting cubes.
  • Non-destructive testing is carried to know the compressive strength at various places in the concrete casted.
  • Our onsite training enables the labour to follow good construction practices.

At the quality management phase, we facilitate best construction practices among labours and highest quality control during concreting. We also assist in detecting the causes of defective construction. This results in a systematic flow throughout the construction process.


What is unique about Concrete+?
  • Specially designed and tailor-made for RCC applications
  • Fast setting
  • Cohesive and dense concrete with long term durability
  • Expert advice during construction
How is Concrete+ different?
  • It’s more cohesive, durable and best suited for RCC work
  • It has higher initial strength with faster de-shuttering as per BIS norms
  • It comes in tamper proof, ADSTAR polypropylene packs
Can Concrete+ be used for brick laying and plastering?
  • Yes, but standard ACC cement is recommended for saving cost
Does it reduce construction time?
  • Yes, it allows faster de-shuttering as per BIS norms.
Can I de-shutter earlier?
  • It is advised to follow BIS norms
What about seepage and dampness in new cement?
  • Cohesive and dense concrete with new cement guarantees less seepage and dampness
Does it cost more?
  • Yes, but a little more expense offers great durability and saves in terms of expensive repairs in the future
Is there a quality assurance?
  • Yes, the ADSTAR polypropylene packaging ensures the cement in absolutely secure
Does Concrete+ achieve improved properties?
  • State-of-the-art technology installed at the ACC plants provided complete control over cement composition and its properties
How does colour affect quality of cement and its concrete?
  • Quality and strength of cement has nothing to do with its color
What is the minimum recommended concrete mix proportion for RCC works?
  • Minimum grade specified for RCC work as per BIS norms is M-20 which is 1:1.5:3, where 1 part of cement is to be mixed with 1.5 parts of sand and 3 parts of coarse aggregates. Water requirement for the mix would be less than 25 litres per bag of cement and will vary as per site conditions
Even others provide services, so why pay more for Concrete+?
  • Because only Concrete+ provides technical services for your construction from ‘start to finish’.