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CROSSLOCK is a self locking PVC cover block or PVC Chair or Plastic Spacer.

  • It is used to maintain gap between steel bars & shuttering.
  • It provides accurate concrete cover around steel bars without use of any binding wire.
  • It is avery cost effective method of providing accurate concrete cover.

How does CROSSLOCK increase life of Buildings?

By protecting steel from rusting.

Protection of steel in concrete against corrosion depends upon adequate thickness of good quality concrete. The life of a structure can be lengthened by providing proper concrtete cover to steel.

What is Cover?

Cover is the gap between reinforcement (Steel Bars) and shuttering. This gap is filled by concrete during casting.

What are the results of not providing proper cover?

Premature rusting of steel bars, week structures, cracks, moisture penetration.

What are the traditional practices to provide concrete cover and What’s wrong with them?

Traditionally it has been tried to provide cover through crude methods such as broken stones, tiles, timber blocks, mortar blocks etc. They are unable to maintain any cover.

What’s wrong with concrete cover block?

They are not of same strength as concrete being poured.

How does binding wire reduces the effective cover to reinforcement?

By decreasing effective cover to reinforcement.

What does our building codes says about cover & cover blocks?

As per section 12.3.2 of IS 456:2000 spacer or cover block should be of concrete of same strength or PVC.

Download Relevent Page Download Complete IS 456:2000


Are the CROSSLOCKS strong enough to withstand human movement during castings?


Will there be proper bonding of concrete with plastic?

As concrete is filled inside out due to large spaces provided in crosslock. So plastic is covered by concrete from all sides forming integral fresh concrete joints. As the material being used in making crosslock is having much higher tensile strength. It will act as reinforcement.

Is there any possibility of CROSSLOCK remaining unfilled from inside?

There are no chance of any non filling if the casting is done properly. There has not been a single reported case of non filling in any proper casting.

Do I need to tie CROSSLOCK with steel bars through binding wire?

CROSSLOCK is a self locking. So it need not be tied.

Can I replace binding wire with CROSSLOCK?

No. Steel bars should be binded as being done earlier. CROSSLOCK should not be tied using binding wire.